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News has been floating about the exclusion of Media Center from the new version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 software. Now the by default version of playing your media files will no longer be present in the latest Windows version. Nevertheless, you still have other option available, VLC Media. This is one of the best media players that is freely available for playing DVD, streaming video, converting other media files into viewable formats and ripping DVDs and much more. Let us find out the versatility of VLC player and how you can utilize it to your advantage.

Android 4.0 includes a virtual button that allows you to browse and instantly switch to apps you recently used. The list displays thumbnail images of apps–instead of just icons–so you can see which part of the apps are currently working in the background.

It seems RIM is going to price its BlackBerry PlayBook at $500 according to a leaked Office Depot inventory website. It will be WiFi only and have 16GB of storage. The is the same price as the current iPad with the same amount of storage. Check out the image here.

YouTube – I am a licensed video geek. Apparently, 30% of my blog submit incorporates videos from seminars and events I’ve attended. YouTube videos are great options to regular still photos. Most of the time, it minimizes my writing needs as a result of I can say things immediately on video. This saves me from occasional writer’s block!

Organize your iPad screen so that it works most efficiently for you. If you simply click on an icon, it will start wiggling. This will then allow you to move it to whatever position on your screen works best for you. You can organize icons into folders or place them on different screens to increase your productivity.

Clean up your browsing in Safari. With Settings>Safari, you can clear the cache, the history and your cookies. Simply going in and fixing these things can protect your privacy and help you to keep Safari working as efficiently as possible. You might want to think about clearing some of these things at least once a week.

There are many ways to finally your account. Players can choose to use any of the multiple deposit methods found in the cashier. What’s so great about 3Dice online casino is that they do not require you to send in documentation to deposit or withdraw. In the cashier, players will find methods such as NETeller, credit cards, Moneybookers and more all just a few short clicks away.

PhoneFinder is a very effective application. If you are an absent minded person, this app will help you locate your phone even when it is in silent mode and is also effective at GPS based tracking. It also helps you to quickly find your phone and puts an end to problems caused due to the loss of your phone. PhoneFinder is priced at a reasonable $1.00 and is highly recommended.

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