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We all grew up with mom telling us how to be a gentleman, especially when there are women present. We’re taught to hold doors, say “please” and “thank you,” pull out chairs, and pick up the tab after dinner. These are all well and good, but if you be too much of a gentleman, you might end up coming off as a “wussy” to your date – and this is never good.

How to achieve high rankings is a topic for another…well, hundred or so articles. But I will give a key factor that is typically overlooked in these types of informational articles and is a common mistake made by amateur web developers, trying to raise their own sites in the rankings.

My adventures in dating were often disasters. I have tried women I have met in chat rooms. This led to a lot more attempts a long distance relationships and those just never work out. They are too difficult to sustain and you end up missing important events in the other person’s life and that just ultimately leads to resentment and dissatisfaction. It led to a lot of lonely and sad nights and lots and lots of talk, in my part, about giving up.

Once you dating services have your new list copy it down in your diary so you can look at it whenever you want. You have just opened up your world to lots of potential partners.

Start by writing down all the attributes that you look for in a prospective partner/girlfriend. Make a list of wants and don’t wants. Let the list be as long as you like. Then sleep on it. The next day reduce both lists by half. This can be a painful experience but it will pay off. Sleep on it again and continue to reduce your list until you have 6 wants and 6 don’t wants. Then ask yourself, “Am I being harsh with my don’t wants”, then reduce some more if you can.

All of us might be agreeable that goal setting is very important. However, one important thing that you will always remember is to detach it from the outcome. I am not saying however that you don’t have to be keen and fervent in achieving your goal.

3) Look for fun and not a new relationship. Making fun and enjoyment your priority rather than finding a lover and mate will make a huge difference not only in how much you enjoy yourself while dating someone new but also in how much fun that person has when dating you. Focusing on the important things allows you to really be yourself, have a great time, and be a lot of fun for the person/people you go out with. If you happen to make a love match or find the right person for you that’s great. If not, you’ll find someone eventually. Leave the stress somewhere else.

Finally, before you join a site you should check out some reviews. I remember I almost joined a site, but I did a search for reviews of the site and there were loads of negative reviews. The site seemed to be a scam, according to the reviews. It doesn’t take 10 minutes to read a few reviews, so you should probably do this.

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