Obsolete Denominations Of United States Coins

Gold coins make great investments since they almost always appreciate in value over time. But in order to make a sound decision, it is important to do some research in order to find the best price on gold coins. This will help in deciding whether to purchase gold coins from a particular merchant.

Mint condition Coins are almost perfect. There should be no signs of wear on any surface of the coin. MS60 to MS70 are the grades for this category. MS 70 will be a perfect coin. About uncirculated (AU) coins will have some noticeable wear on the coin, but it will appear on the high areas of the coin. Make sure you look at your Madden coins in a good light to be able to see the details of wear on the surfaces.

Example: One of my clients, a life coach, has a hard-cover book out right now that features 101 tips on how to attract what you want in life. Each issue of her weekly e-zine features one of those tips along with a brief explanation of how Cheap Madden Coins to implement it.

And, Heaven forbid that a 1-oz Gold Maple Leaf is dropped on a floor or even a hard tabletop. But, most of the damage is done when investors handle the coins. If Gold Maple Leafs are handled roughly, as investors are used to handling Krugerrands and Gold Eagles, Gold Maple Leafs are easily damaged. Consequently, many badly damaged Gold Maple Leafs have come back into the secondary market.

This magnificent coin is one of the last gold coins circulated by the U.S. government. Minted between 1908 and 1929, the $2.50 and $5 gold coins are the only U.S. Madden coins with an incuse design, meaning the design sinks below the surface of the coin, rather than raising above it. The coin is 21.6 mm, or about the size of a nickel, and is made of.900 fine gold. It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jay W. Johnson, former director of the U.S. Mint.

You should maybe be warned that due to the popularity of Roman coins they have been replicated for tourist gifts and for historical interests, so always buy from a reliable source like a professional dealer.

So if your funds are low, you can buy these coins in lesser weights. However, do keep this important point in mind. There is a lot more production cost that goes into producing ten .10 oz coins instead of producing one 1.0 oz coin. Due to this higher production cost, the Mint charges a much higher premium on the lower weight coins than they do on the 1 oz coins. So you will end up paying much, much more per ounce when buying the lower weight coins than you will when simply buying the 1.0 coin.

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