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There are plenty inconsistent guides for World of Warcraft, for leveling, gold, for crafting professions and even for fishing. I have found quite a few free, but most of the consistent ones are a bit pricey. So, if you want solid content, if you want to make gold like one of the Asian gold farmers, you can find every gold making method, information about the best spots in the game and about the most wanted items, all in one place, in the best Cataclysm gold guides.

The next item on the top menu is ‘Reviews’. This page is a very long list of equipment reviews with several alternative methods of finding the one you want. Incentives are offered, in the form of discount coupons, for people to write reviews of their purchases, to help other members of the community. One thing this suggests to me is that they are not worried about any negative comments about the Optics Planet service in these reviews.

A: When your Xbox 360 breaks down you will quickly realize that your options are limited. If your warrantee hasn’t expired you can return your Xbox 360 to Microsoft and they will fix it for you. Although this doesn’t cost much, other than shipping and handling, you will lose access to your Xbox 360 for 6-8 weeks. If your warrantee has expired, Microsoft will still perform the repair, however, they will charge you $140.00 and again, you will also lose access to your console for 6-8 weeks. Because of these less than desirable options, Xbox 360 repair Produktguide have emerged as the preferable method of repairing Xbox 360 errors. They offer a fast fix to your problem at a considerably lower price.

I started two years ago with a passion to help others reach their goals. I have been an electrical contractor for thirty years and have always helped others with their problems. When it comes to affiliate marketing I have learned that the learning curve is a little more difficult. Enough about me. Let’s just say you get an affiliate marketing product. It sits on your computer collecting dust. I know I have so many I need to do something with.

A “Money Back Guarantee” accompanied by some “guaranteed” increase in test performance. Internet marketers know that customers rarely pursue these guarantees, so they throw them around with reckless abandon. A friend of mine recently bought a golf club “guaranteed to add 30 yards to the average drive”. When it actually resulted in a LOSS of yardage…guess what…he bought another club from the same company! On his third day out with the new club THE HEAD FLEW OFF and ended up the lake. Is he considering buying another club from the same people? Of course!

Be wary of outrageous or overblown claims – We all know the saying: “If it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.” There is no better proof of this than in the field of internet marketing. This means you have good reason to be sceptical when a test guide company says “We maintain a full time research staff, all of whom…have actually scored in the 99th percentile of the toughest tests.” Ask yourself, “Why would these people be working for an internet marketing company if they are such cracker jack teachers?” Or, “Is there really enough money made by selling these products to afford a ‘full time research staff’ of highly skilled people?”. Do you know that most internet marketing companies do not have ANY full time staff!

There is one drawback though. The site seems be set up to automatically create links. For example, every time the phrase, ‘Night Vision Device’ is used, it becomes a link to another page. This can be quite distracting. The eye gets used to scanning over them and you could miss links to some excellent video guides created by some of the equipment manufacturers.

While you can level up just by doing things your own, it would still be best for your game if you have a guide at hand. Your game will definitely improve and become faster as you would know which direction to take and which quests not to take. However, don’t just spend on a random guide you found online. The product mentioned are quite popular but it still pays if you read a review of Zygor Guide, Joanas Leveling Guide and Idemise Booster Leveling Guide or other guides there are at a good site you know. This way, you will know if your choice can really offer the help you need or you need to look other guides instead.

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