Lush Product Review: Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb

I’m always searching for new ways of saving (and making) money. I recently purchased a book called The Handcrafter’s Companion that contains over 126 recipes for homemade beauty products such as bath bombs, soap, lotions, creams, body scrubs and more.

I was assuming it was mud when I first got the chance to order it, I had no clue. I clicked add to shopping cart the moment the bomb became available to purchase.

You want to make sure that your Gift will be used and not just sit around as decoration in the Bathroom or worse be regifted. Of course with lovely products such as cbd for arthritis, bath Oils and bath Teas, soaks etc there is no point in giving them to someone who is living in a home with no bath tub(like myself at the moment). Imagine how lovely it would be receive a hand made Soap, Body Lotion and bath Bomb beautifully packaged, wrapped, in your favourite fragrance and colour.

I assumed that a quick rinse of the bath was all that would be required to remove the purple residue from the Winter Chocolate Bath Bomb. However, as I squirted some bathroom cleaner onto the stains and gently rubbed it, I was horrified to discover that the purple stain did not come out very easily. After a lot more scrubbing and a second soak with the bleach bathroom cleaner, the stains finally lifted.

I buy a pretty cbd shop inexpensive gift box from a dollar store line it with white tissue paper and nestle the soaps inside. Then I cover them up with more tissue paper, place the lid on top and carefully wrap it with attractive Christmas paper. Then I attach a charming (and charmingly cheap) bow on top and a cute gift tag.

After it was done fizzing out, I was left with what looked, and smelled like a milk bath. Not a pleasant one though, a curdled milk scent. I got into the water and it did feel somewhat soft and moisturizing, but the longer I sat, the more I wondered if my skin would break out due to the Limonene.

Stir well with one hand while slowly pouring the wet ingredients into the dry with the other hand. Blend water and witch hazel, half and half, and put in spray bottle. Spray the mixture until the mix sticks together well. Pack into molds, and when set, turn out and wrap until ready to use.

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