Looking For Hot & New Hip Hop Beats? Instead, Make Your Own Hip Hop Beats

Online, people are not going to be typing your name in the search engines to find you unless your a celebrity who as already made it. You must know how to strategically promote yourself.

Now you need to set your kick drum and snare sound. It should not take you more than ten to fifteen minutes to listen to most of the samples installed in your software program. Don’t waste too much time on this because you can always change it down the road.

Even if you want to make your own rap or hip beats you can use software online without even having to download anything to your computer. Just think you could make beats or instrumentals at your friends or grandmas or even school all without having to download software to the computer!

You can find online beat sellers online simply by typing in the words “rap beats for sale” into a popular search engine box like Google or Lycos. Simply click on “Search” and you will be presented with hundreds of search results that apply to “hip hop” beats.

I like to produce my own music but the thing is, there are producers like Pocket, Jon Doe, Ejay Jetson, ID 4Windz, Locksmith and a bunch of others that are better producers than me, hands down.

Need proof of this? Try putting on a great song at a party full of people having fun – they will all react. Everybody will scream out, sing along and dance instantly. But if you put on some dry song with uninspiring, limp beats, you can literally watch the energy evaporate from the room. Bummer dude. Your song sucks.

PRACTICE & PLAY. One of the best music teachers I had was my composition teacher. He always stressed the importance of maintaining a balance between practice and play (having fun). The reason for this is to make sure that you don’t burn yourself out with practice, and to keep our creativity always evolving and expanding. You can’t have one without the other, they are complimentary. Having time for play ensures that our practice time will be more fruitful, and making sure to practice ensures that our play time will be more fun and creative.

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