Candle Making Equipment – The Beginners Essential Guide

The candle making molds are the very centerpiece of your candle making operation. These wildly varied devices contain the melted wax, which takes on the shape of the inside of the candle making mold. The mold holds it perfectly in place while the melted wax cools and congeals. Once hardened, you pop out the candle and you have exactly the shape, size, and look and feel that you wanted.

Our second batch of artistic candles were created by using milk cartons as well. She called them Lacey Candles, and when they were finished, they did indeed look like lace. Once the wax was melted, the color and the fragrance added she filled up the cartons with ice. When the wax was poured and had dried, the candles did look like small squares of lace.

Use a dropper when you add liquid color dye. Using a dropper will enable you to come up with a mixture that is precisely proportioned which is very useful if you need to reproduce a candle with the same color shade. Let your creative juices flow as you mix colors.

What I am going to teach you today is how to make a candle with three layers and three different colors. This is easy to do and very fun as well. Here is a list of the different Ecoponics supplies that you are going to need for your home candle making.

The first kind is paraffin candle wax. Paraffin is a petroleum-based candle wax, and a popular one on the market today. It tends to be less expensive than other forms of candle-making supplies, hence the popularity, and comes in chunks or powder form. The convenient thing about this waxy is you can buy the wax already colored or you can buy the wax in a neutral color and use your own coloring. This is the most popular type of candle wax used today.

Step # 4. Make sure that you check on your gel wax often and check the temperate with the thermometer. The gel wax should melt at around 200 degrees, you are not going to want it to get too much hotter than that. Stir the wax while it is melting.

Step # 7. So you have waited 24 hours, now what you are going to want to do is turn the mold upside down and shake the candle out, because you used the oil the candle should slide out easily. Now if you want you can always stop here, you have just completed home candle making. However if you want the three layered, three scented candle then proceed on to the next step.

Soy wax is considered as the most popular candle making. There are a couple of reasons why soy wax is all the rage. First, because it is plant based, it’s renewable. It lacks a natural scent unlike beeswax. This makes it perfect as a base for fragrance candles. On that same note, essential oils mix particularly well with soy, and should be considered for any type of aromatherapy candles. The wax gives off fragrance better than any of the other wax types. Lastly, soy wax is very popular because of its very high smoke point, which makes it possible for the candle to burn without giving off soot nearly as much as the other wax types. The biggest drawback to this candle making wax is that it tends to be more expensive and more difficult to find.

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