Box Office Report: Puss Purrs In Theaters

What do we have here? It’s another “found footage” movie. While we’ve seen quite a few of these now, The Devil Inside is different from the other ones in some ways. They don’t use witches, ghosts, aliens or monsters that show up in New York City out of nowhere. This one is about exorcism and demonic possession.

It might say that there are at least two million people in this world whose idea of smart entertainment involves anesthesia and amputation. Or it might just say that horror movie fans are easy marks. I have no idea which – I’ve only really seen two Saw movies. The first two. Until now that was pretty much as far as I needed to go with the franchise. After watching Cary Elwes perform at a level most sewage systems will never drain down to in the first film – and then watching Franky G’s roid-rampage through the rusty landscapes of the second film – I didn’t need much more from the Saw movies as a whole. I kind of resolved myself to believing that Saw, for all intents and purposes, was just Se7en for Dummies.

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” is getting a sequel, and we’ve got details here (with video)”– in which we let you in on what’s going on with that much-rumored “Roger Rabbit” sequel. Yeah, it’s happening.

Unlike Jennifer Lawrence’s film, both of Jessica Chastain’s films continue to steadily decline. Mama haunted fourth place with $6.6 million, while Zero Dark Thirty occupied fifth place with $5.2 million. Mama, while aggressively declining week after week, is still turning into a hit, becoming the first top horror film since 2011’s Paranormal blog 3, and Zero Dark Thirty is now trailing behind Silver Linings Playbook with $77.7 million, and may end up with a gross south of $90 million.

Blue Bloods (CBS, 10pm) – NEW! Frank deals with a political crisis after Jamie and Renzulli are injured by a church security team that refuses Paranormal blog online to let them enter a religious center in response to a call.

This is, of course, not the first time a hugely popular film has been adapted to the video game format. Since the dawn of time (and by “the dawn of time,” I mean the mid-1980s, when home video game systems first became really popular), the worlds of celluloid and pixels have been thoroughly intertwined. And, since that intertwinement, every movie- and video game-buff worth their salt has compiled a list of movies that would make rad video games.

This, then, is my plea. Be friendly to one another. Be kind to each other. Actively seek out other groups in your area and offer your assistance to them on their future cases. Make contacts. Develop relationships. Find the common ground and work together! This is the foundation of a successful enterprise. So build it, and the right people and opportunities will surely come. The bad seeds in this field will then have no choice but to slowly fade away.

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