Best Band Names Taken From Literary Figures

Modern baby names are usually referred to as “new” names, or names that didn’t have a very large following in years past. Sometimes these names are created – simply made up! – by parents who are looking to put two names together in unusual ways, or hoping to find something that no one else will be able to duplicate.

There are even babies named after horsepower. Have you ever heard of Hemi, Ford, Mustang, Chevy, or Dodge? Before you think that’s a little odd, remember that it’s simply a new twist on an old trend. Remember the name Mercedes? What about Porsche? The new modern names simply take this style of naming a step further.

Gresham – That’s a pretty good description. I like it better than the way (producer) Mark (Johnson) introduced me to the ambassador of the Czech Republic when we were filming The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe. He introduced be as ‘the guy who was to blame.’ (laughs) I grew up in Narnia and never left. I have no desire to leave. I think of myself as the Guardian of Narnia.

I’m not going to detail all of the completely unfounded criticisms this “expert” had to offer. Suffice it to say that the comments were facetious in the worst sense of the word. They fell into the realm of the “I’m better than all of you schmucks and I’ll prove it at anyone’s expense” kind of comments. I’m sure you’ve read or heard critics like this. It’s as if they live to put down another’s work to shore up their flagging egos, or whatever else might be flagging in their lives.

Gresham – Strangely enough, I think he would be embarrassed. What we have done is elevate him into the realm of such great figuras retoricas as Rudyard Kipling and Shakespeare. I think his works will go on to prove themselves to be worthy of that association. But Jack was an extremely humble man. I think he would have been embarrassed by all the attention.

Not making the top ten list were Lucinda Williams – Singer and Songwriter (Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, World Without Tears, Little Honey), Montel Williams – Talk Show Host (The Montel Williams Show), Cindy Williams – Actress (Laverne and Shirley), Victoria Williams – Singer and Songwriter (Crazy Mary, Century Plant), Betty Williams – Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Zelda Williams – Actress (House of D, Were the World Mine), Sunita Williams – NASA Astronaut, Raineesha Williams – Actress (Reno 911).

Though my genre tends to mystery/suspense, ala John D. MacDonald, Dean Koontz, or Clive Cussler, I quickly found myself embroiled in a world of illegal fight clubs beneath the streets of Manhattan. Much to my surprise, I liked it! Vaughn has a hell of a way with words. The characters and dialogue are enticing. I began to crave more of Vaughn’s world every day. And when I finished one book, I sought out the next, and the next. Yeah, I’m hooked, big time.

I have a copy of Gaines beautiful novel on my bookshelf, where it will remain until I die. In this novel, Gaines brilliantly tells the story of a young man who is sentenced to die. The book was published in 1993 and chosen as an Oprah Book Club selection in 1997. If you are pro death penalty, I urge you to read Gaines beautiful novel.

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