A Chat With Romance Author Diana Cosby

I bet you have a color you totally adore and one you can’t stand. There doesn’t seem to be anyone on this planet who is impartial when it comes to color. Color can inspire us, soothe us, and excite us. On the opposite spectrum color can depress us, aggravate us, and annoy us. However, how many of us consciously realize just how much influence color has on our emotions? Color’s electromagnetic vibrations can actually promote feelings of happiness, confidence and move us to change our entire outlook on life. Yes, that’s the power (or energy) of color!

A: Oh yes. There are many more tales of Asharra that have not been transcribed for Earthly audiences. The sequel will pick up events not long after the conclusion of Volume One. We’ve dropped several hints where at least some plot threads will be headed within the pages of WOA but there are many other elements that will be completely unexpected since it shifts much of the focus to a part of Asharra that the reader has yet to encounter. There are plenty of unusual characters and exotic locales that we have not yet revealed. Naturally, that means plenty more Asharran style adventure and milf cams.

The show takes on the issues of dating, promiscuity, drugs, and sex, and the impact the issues have on Christian and non-Christian households. While pulling no punches, Preacher’s Daughters received mixed reviews from some Chicagoans who tuned in.

I recently had the privilege of reading an advance copy of ‘Clockwork Prince.’ You can read my spoiler free review here. Trust me when I tell you that this is a book you want to pre-order. It is brilliantly written and filled with suspense, humor and passion. It was perfect and truly has it all.

The ancients would raise the passions to the level of gods, bow down, and worship them. For example, Aphrodite was the god of lust, Jupiter the god of war, Bacchus of appetite and Venus and sexuality. The passions distort. If ever a man has been in prison for a long period, even though he hates it with his soul, he longs to return to it, because of his addiction to the familiar, to the safe and perhaps to the wicked.

Most girls like guys who are aggressive. This simply means that they are attracted to guys who take the initiative and introduce themselves. Most girls won’t walk over to you and hand you their phone number so you have to make a little small talk first and get her interested in you, just starting out chatting about something casual and ask her if she’d like to do something sometime if things seem to be going well. You will be able to tell whether or not you can make your move based on how interested she seems, just use your best judgment and everything should turn out okay.

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